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Vanilla Love is a perfect online dating site for Western men searching for beautiful Russian brides. There you can find numerous wonderful single Russian women searching for their dear ones and dreaming to marry foreigners. is an easy, quick and safe way for any foreigner to find his perfect match among hundreds of young attractive Russian and Ukrainian ladies.
•    Free registration and creation a personal profile
•    Browsing the profiles of Russian mail order brides
•    Uploading photos, audios and videos
•    Sending e-cards and virtual kisses
•    Lifting up your profile in search
•    Making up your hot lists and black lists
•    Using searchers an “Perfect Match” function


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  1. James

    January 5, 2011 at 10:25 pm

    Great site!

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  2. CT

    January 19, 2012 at 9:35 am

    I signed up for vanilla love a few months ago after doing some research on russian dating sites. I’ve always been very speculative on this sites as I’ve heard many-a legend about scams and frauds; however, I consider myself someone smart enough to not fall into and of those traps.

    If I had to rate myself, I’d say looks wise I’m about a 6/10, only being about 5’5 in height and not white. I’ve tried many dating sites such as PoF, Match, and OKC with medium success (on average about every 20 messages I send, I get 8 responses, which turns into about 2 I actually end up taking out on dates.) The reason I consider that fact relevant, is that literally not even 5 minutes after creating my profile (pictures and all), I had 5 emails from attractive women. Of course, big red flag for me. I’m not too familiar with Russian/Ukrainian culture, but after reading each email, all of them say something so cheesy and non-believable that I highly doubt a normal person in any country would say something like that. I no longer have my account active so I can’t post what they sent, but trust me, it was the kind of cheesy you know can’t be real.

    Over the period of three months, I personally sent about 15 messages vs. 42 messages I received from very attractive women saying incredibly cheesy emails. There was only ONE girl I talked with would could have possibly been legit, but she stopped responding to me randomly.

    The biggest red flag of all was about two or three days following new years, I received a flood of 12 emails, all within two minutes of each other. Of course, each one saying the same cheesy crap. Then about two days later ANOTHER flood of 12 emails came in with the exact same crap. Coincidence? I say scam.

    In all, this experience has been educational, with only a mild expense of $45. Yet, I ended up meeting a freaking awesome danish girl off OKC for FREE. My advice, join at your own risk. Although I’m sure there are some legit women on there, most of the emails you’ll get are fabricated, most likely by the website or a scammer operating on the site.

    Wish you the best in your search!

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