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Russian woman – who is she?

Who is Russian woman? What does she look like? What qualities does she possess? Lots of western men who set off to find their russian wives ask these questions. Sooner or later all of them understand the essence of real russian woman and none woman in the world can compare with the one of Slavonic origin. When  one speaks about “woman”  he usually means something like “mother” – someone careful, loving, warm and tender.

And it’s consideredto be a worldwide stereotype, but unfortunately, it’s not. Western men tell sad stories about their “local” women: it’s a common knowledge that the feminism changed western ladies greatly – they became chilly and business-oriented, when Russian and Ukrainian girls still have their love and warmth. The most famous Russian and Ukrainian poets and writers devoted their works to the exceptional qualities of the FSU ladies. One of the poems devoted to Russian women calls them queenly, containing beautiful force and remaining ever beautiful despite the difficulties of life; it glorifies the ability of these women to work hard as much as their beauty. A famous quote from this literary piece says that if need be, a Russian woman will “stop a running horse, enter a burning building.” And indeed, all these stories are true.

Historically, Russian women have been set apart long ago. Since the ancient days they have been known for their hard work right alongside with men. During disasters women held families and communities together. Difficulties don’t scare them. Instead, challenges strengthen women’s character. They have also been culturally very protective and caring for their families and become great wives and nurturing mothers. Precisely because of these qualities Russian hostesses are known to be some of the most hospitable in the world. This landlady will welcome you and feed you as if you have not had food for months, and it will all be delicious too!

Communism also influenced on the mentality of Russian women (especially of older generations). Ladies, who were raised under communism, were brought up with values of self-dedication, responsibility and giving away to the society, along with strong family values. And such mindset is still very strong in many of them. Not in the political sense, but in the fact of being very giving, sometimes to their own detriment. Helping someone else is much more important than their own well-being. And when they are doing something, the key is responsibility. Of course, such values are transferred to their children, and younger women also gain such warmth, sincerity and dedication from their mothers.

Russian men take women and their efforts for granted. They expect women to cater to all their needs. Most men here do not know how to treat women and, therefore, treat them poorly; such attitude leaves no room for romance. It is typical for most women to work from 8 to 5, come home, cook dinner, help kids with their homework, clean the house – and manage all these things on a regular basis without any help from the men’s side in the regular 24 hour day, 7 days a week!!!

Since Russia, Ukraine and other FSU countries have been open to foreign influences, women have a chance to know a different attitude towards them. Many stories of our women happily living abroad have been told over and over again. Most women have a friend or a friend of a friend who is living abroad and is happy with a change in attitude from men and style of life.
And once the women had a chance to see something different, compare and realize that indeed they like, want and deserve such things as romance, care and love, many of them do not want to settle for anything less. The attitude from men at home gives Russian women an opportunity to really appreciate foreign men, who treat them as ladies. Attitude of men from home also makes Russian women such that they don’t always trust easily. But once they do, the gratitude of Russian women to you for being a reliable partner, who treats them with love, will have no boundaries: they will appreciate you, they will pamper you and give you all their love and emotions stored inside. They are real and they are incredible, and they are looking for someone who will treasure and cherish them.

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