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Russian mail order brides dating western men, what do they look for?

Why do the former soviet union women are searching for a husband miles away? Everything is not that   easy as it looks like! A lot of masses think that this is happening due to the existence confusion, husbands-alcoholics that have been left, suppose that they were left for bucks, “smart” men think that they were searching for a cozy and rich life. But nobody wants to see the problem itself! The real issue is that russian woman while leaving its state takes the gene pool of the country with her!

Every boy that was born abroad would be considered as a part of this country already! The child would work for wealth and prosperity of other country, and his children will bring a more significant benefit to a foreign people! And on the question “why” humans will have a simple and convenient for all the people around answer, although the truthful matter is about ourselves. What kind of girls leave the borders of their native country seeking for a spouse overseas? What are girls looking in unknown places? The Russian women whom are leaving their Motherland, do it not because they are searching for a better existance overseas, they do it because they seek a good (from the cultural opinion) existance for themselves and theirs future children! And this is the truth that should be recognized.

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