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natashaclubNatashaClub a reliable mail order bride agency launched in 1995 specially for Western men searching beautiful single Russian women for romantic relations and marriage. Site is free to join. Browse nearly 60 000 ladies profiles and view their background information at no cost. Also you can send free messages to any lady you like, but to read received letters you have to pay credits. The cost of credit depends on the amount you are going to buy. You can buy direct lady’s address or receive it for free after you received 15 messages from her. You can talk to girls through three way interpreted phone calls. A large number of girls have private photos sections that can be seen see with the girls’ permission. So are you ready to meet thousands of beautiful checked Russian and Ukrainian mail order brides at Natasha Club?

NatashaClub Features
– NatashaClub is free to join;
– Browse the database of ladies free of charge;
– Send girls free messages;
– View women’s photos in the gallery;
– Add mail order brides you like to your friends list;
– Talk to girls on the phone;
– Three way phone interpreter service;
– Vote for ladies’ pictures;
– Buy ladies contact details to communicate with them directly;
– Site offers lots of dating advice and helpful information;
– Numerous happy married couples shares their successful stories;
– Send your date flowers and food baskets;
– 24/7 telephone customers support and help.

Natasha Club Cost
Basic Membership – FREE!
20-54 credits – $2.00 each
55-99credits – $1.09 each
100 or more credits – $1.00 each
Ladies Contact Details: $50.00 (free after you received 15 messages)
Phone call + Translation – 1.8 credits for a minute


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Natasha Club, 5.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings


  1. Darrell Roberts

    September 17, 2011 at 4:01 pm

    Too many game players and scammers on this site

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  2. Darrell Roberts

    September 17, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    1st international is part of natasha club (sites)

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  3. Galina

    July 31, 2013 at 2:55 pm

    Hi, I live in Ukraine. Recently I was looking for a new job. I read the job ad: “The marriage agency is looking for the interpreters. It was natashaclub, who printed the ad. I thought the job was to translate the letters from the foreign men to Ukrainian women and vise verse.
    But as it turns out, the “interpreter” gets photos of the girl(s) and starts questing for men on the web-site. The “interpreter” gets 40-45% from the cost of each letter that reads a man. At the same time the girl, whose photos are on natashaclub, does not get the slightest idea about whom “she” rights and what she rights! Yes, this girl applied to the Agency a year ago, but whether she wants some relationships now nobody knows and nobody cares about this fact.
    More than that, a man may make present to the girl he likes through natashaclub. The girl “gets” the present. The Agency hires a photographer, who makes pictures of this girl with the arms around the present. Then the Agency takes from this present and the “interpreter” sends photos to a man. The girl gets 24% of the present’s cost. The Agency all the rest. I think, you’ve already understood that the present on the photos is just a waxwork.
    I am very sorry about my country and about the people, who want to earn money this way!
    I wish you empyrean love and true relationships!

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  4. David Brunner

    December 31, 2015 at 12:45 am

    The worst piece of garbage this side of the Atlantic. Avoid at all costs. And understand this website is out there in 40 different flavors.

    They may have hundreds of urls and front ends. It all leads to the same agency scammer girl database. Natashaclub pays the women to be there.

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  5. Anastasiya

    January 31, 2016 at 7:22 pm

    Hello!) I worked as a translator on the site Natashaklab. All the client on whose behalf the letter I send – real women, but with a low level of English language skills.Strangely enough, but I was faced with the misconception that if a girl is beautiful – it means that it is stupid. But in fact, most often it turns out that if the girl in the photo seems simpleton, that is it is in real life – not groomed and interesting in communication!) ) And yet, the mans have the opportunity to test a woman simply order a phone call or a call on Skype. Than the many of my clients are actively using !
    The right of men – read the contents of the letter. If it contains mistakes and a lot of personal questions – most likely a woman – is real! And stop insulting women, tired of getting objectionable letters!
    As for the comment in Galina – this is a normal way of earnings. Just a woman, which was recorded in the agency itself should terminate the contract.

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  6. Brian T

    December 10, 2016 at 1:34 am


    I would like to talk at length about this site.
    I want to know the truth about this site. I have mixed feelings about it.

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  7. Ondrej

    January 28, 2020 at 6:51 pm

    Laughable review full with lies. There is nothing reliable about this site except that they will reimburse your credits after you leave.
    It is full with fake profiles, fake messages and fake pictures.
    I also used another of their subsidiary sites It is completely the same.
    The girls will never meet you! Dont get fooled like I did.

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  8. Naykay

    June 17, 2020 at 5:02 pm

    Hello to every one,

    I had worked for this website for the past 3 weeks until I discovered what incredible scam it is. Starting with the first fact of this job “translator”, as they call it to not make the name of the position suspicious and be more attractive for people to apply because, in reality, they ask you to use your language knowledge of languages or non-knowledge (because they tell you you can use google translator), to text more than 20 men per day so that those men can open your letters and pay for it. The problem here is that girls like me are hired to work behind the profile of girls more NON-EXISTENT. So, girls that work behind the profile monetize (monetizing actually cents, such a waste of time this job) thanks to the fact that there are men that truly believe that all those women chose them and writing them only, whereas I had to send the same exact email to other hundreds of men. How this profile has personal information about these girls, simple! Some girls sell their info and pictures, an agency like natashaclub co-works with little -known model agencies, and those model agencies sell the private info of the girls (mafia); another way is to steal information and pictures and videos from other dating websites. So it is useless to say that Natashaclub has MANY MANY ways to steal personal data, scam poor men, and live life with no conscious AT ALL. In the beginning, I was so naive that I thought it could be a simple, funny job to do during the lockdown, till I arrived at the moment where I exchanged 15 emails with a man (the number of emails after which man can have lady’s personal email like Gmail or Yahoo, etc). I realized that I was in a scam job only when the administrator (total liar) told me that a man asked for the email of one girl I was managing and so the administrator gave me a fake email she created at the moment and the password and she told me to answer to the emails of men there once per day and then once in 3 days and that after some time, the man would certainly give up! There I was disgusted when I started to dig in and discover how actually this shit works. I waited a couple of days till I could be paid and get my shit out of there. Poor men waste all money on reading the letters/videos/personal contact etc to be in touch with ladies THAT DON’T EVEN KNOW THAT THEIR PROFILES ARE ON THAT WEBSITE. So, it is then 85% that those men won’t ever meet those ladies. When I told everything to the administrator Jacquelin, she pretended that everything is serious etc She told me that she is actually the only one that is in contact with those ladies. But she lied so much and she got lost in her lies and caught her so that in the end she begged me to not tell the truth to the men I chatted with. (which I did btw, everything in details). She begged me to tell her what I would tell those men so that she can come up with a lie which could line up with my story, the best part is that while she was saying that I put her call audio loud and recorded her. Because she was pissed that once men know the truth, somebody could complain and she will get the 500Usd fine (of course from her pocket) and as men there are limited, she and the girls that work for her won’t have many men to send those letters to! She does not care that poor men, besides being scammed for money, those men’s hearts are played too. Men that truly hope to find an Eastern lady there. YOUR HEARTS ARE PLAYED LIKE VIOLINE.
    For LADIES, as I know that men are working for her too, I can imagine that those 15% true ladies that there are scammed too because those boys working fro her would manage obviously men profile to scam ladies! NOT SURE THOUGH.
    I’d like to ask all men that used it, to do complaints, to get your money back (you have this option). The more complaints they receive, the more it will lead this website to bankrupt and I hope somehow or somebody it will be shut down.

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  9. Scott

    June 29, 2020 at 8:03 pm


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