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Dating and find a perfect match is really hard as it is, much less trying to narrow down to just Jewish; and even more challenging to find someone who is Russian Jew. I come from Russian Jewish background, and I know what it is like.
The Russian Jewish community is really big, but at the same time everyone really knows each other, weather they grew up together, went to school, or lived in the same neighborhood. Russian Jews mostly reside in West Hollywood, and have everything there, like their groceries stores, doctors and temples.

Growing up, we all knew each other so well, we hung out in the same places, going to the same clubs, dating the same Russian Jewish people.We actually end up calling dating among Russian Jews a “recycling”! Because everyone ended up going out with someone they new, and the then moving to someone else who hung out in your crowd.The cycle still keeps going on; you may find yourself in the company of people that you either went out with, or dated; and now that person seating across from you, either with a girlfriend or wife, or boyfriend or a husband. So, we all tried to date within our own people, for the obvious reason, to have someone from your former country, and to have some continuity in your relationship. However, the “pool” of Russian single Jews had drastically
shrunken, and a lot of single Russian Jews in their thirties, still single and still looking. As, though if you did not make it earlier in life, you lost it. Ironic hah?

Of course our parent’s desire for us to have a relationship and date nice Jewish boys and girls; bur unfortunately it’s not always successful. I find, that the only available guys are those who never really made it in their twenties and thirties; the kind that nobody really dates; so you see those guys typically, in Russian Jewish restaurants and other places, and
they look so muchholder, some even have grey heir already, and they still trying to attract the girls. I also find that some Russian Jewish girls are single because they either divorced now, or just spent too much time looking, and may be looking for something that doesn’t exist. Really… So, at this point, most of single Russian Jews, moved to the “American Market” so to speak. As the internet progressed, and the online dating service became so popular, we moved further more to explore the possibilities.Joining the Jewish dating online service, allowed us to find someone who possibly shares your heritage, and have similar eastern European background. An I think it is really great!The internet dating,
open a lot of doors for Russian Jews to date outside of their community. I also think that our eastern European Jewish, and American Jewish men can really appreciate the quality of life they may find with Russian Jewish women, considering our bring up and traditions.You may find a really beautiful Russian Jewish girl, who is extremely intelligent, real and sincere, loyal and motherly, who is a great cook in the kitchen and a dynamite in bed. And at the same time, the Jewish women find her Jewish prince who will appreciate and praise her forever..
So, most of us Russian Jewish singles end up dating “other” Jewish people, bringing an outside culture in, and ultimately end up married and having kinds; creating a new generations of Russian Jewish population.

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    May 4, 2010 at 2:05 am

    where do you find Jewish dating sights for good Jewish women

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